Former Students

Fall 2013

Emily Daniels: I am a senior psychology major from San Antonio, Texas. My interests include emotion and decision making. I plan to graduate this spring and pursue a graduate degree.

Ashley Angonia: Howdy! My name is Ashley Angonia. I was born and raised here in Aggieland, WHOOP! I am a senior psychology major with the main goal of becoming a marriage and family counselor. After I graduate in May, I plan on going to graduate school to accomplish my goals. My interests are emotions and decision making.

Yolanda Veals: I am a proud non-traditional student who will graduate from Texas A&M University in December 2013 with a BS in Psychology.  I am seriously considering continuing my education by pursuing a MS in Human Resource Development or Abnormal Psychology. My long-term goal is to mentor and encourage young women to love themselves for who they are.

Spring 2013

Brittany Jones: I am a junior psychology major from League City, Texas. I plan to graduate in May 2014 and attend graduate school to pursue a Psy D in clinical psychology. I am interested in research on emotion and decision making.

Loren Rose: Howdy! I am a senior psychology major from Honolulu, Hawaii expecting to graduate in December 2013. I have no definitive plan for after graduation. I am most interested in individuals with higher than average psychopathic/callous-unemotional traits and how they interact with the rest of society, how coercion and persuasion affect decision making, and altruism.

Ryanne White:  Howdy! I am a junior Psychology/Sociology double major and an English minor from Dallas, Tx. I’m looking forward to learning about how emotion influences our judgments. After I graduate in May 2014, I plan on pursuing a Ph D in Counseling Psychology.

Fall 2012

Kelsey Walker: Howdy! I am a Junior psychology major from Jasper, Tx with plans to graduate in May of 2013.  After graduation I plan on going to grad school to pursue a masters in educational counseling.  Thanks and gig ‘em!

Kallie Clayton: I am a Junior Psychology major from Amarillo, Texas and I plan to graduate in December of 2013! After graduation, I hope to attend grad school where I will pursue a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Spring 2012

Khang Tran: Khang is finishing up at TAMU

Natalie Chipinski: Natalie is finishing up at TAMU and applying for graduate programs

Talya Lazerus: Talya is starting graduate training in decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon!


Fall 2011

John Odom: John is continuing his education at A&M

Vladimir Amador: Vladimir is finishing his last semester and applying to graduate programs

Spring 2011

Marta Saenz: Marta graduated in the Spring and is taking a year off before deciding on her career/graduate plans.

Fall 2010

Kimberly Lawson: Kimberly was a fantastic lab manager and remained calm in the face of disasters. Kimberly graduated in December 2010 and will attend Texas Women’s Counseling Psychology program in the fall.

Sara Decker: Sara is continuing her studies at A&M

Karmen Hernandez: Karmen is wrapping up her psychology major to graduate in 2012.

Olga Martinez: Olga is starting her graduate studies in Family Therapy at University of Houston.

Spring 2010

Left to Right from front: Amisha Atchinson, Karmen Hernandez, Olga Martinez, Kimberly Lawson, Kristen Scharr, Christina Walker, (back rows), Marta Saenz, Heather Lench, Sarah Flores, Talya Lazarus, Shane Bench, Jessica Black

Amisha Atchison: Amisha has graduated and is currently completing a master’s in education at Texas A&M University. She completed her undergraduate scholars project on optimism and teacher feedback and won 2nd place for her poster presentation on the project! Congrats to Amisha!

Jessica Black: Jessica graduated, was married, and is starting graduate school in counseling in Northern Florida.

Christina Walker: Christina graduated and is pursuing a graduate degree in education.

Kristen Scharr: Kristen graduated and has joined a business, with hopes to enter management.

Spring 2009:

Left to Right: Shane, Christy, Tina, Heather Lench, Nicole, Jessica, Kelli, Amisha, & Whitney

Kelli Gerard: Kelli is a Clinical Dietitian, MS, RD, LD, at ARAMARK in Houston, Texas.

Tina King: Finishing her senior year.

Whitney Humphrey:  Whitney is a pre-licensed professional, MA, LMFT-A, who practices counseling in Austin, Texas.

Fall 2008:

Left to Right: Sarah, Kim, Amisha, Heather Lench, Jenny, Tina, Shane, Whitney, & Thomas

Erica Hartnitt: Erica graduated and was married.

Jenny Burchett: Finishing her senior year at A&M

Thomas Woodard: Finishing his senior year at A&M

Kimberly Borenstein: Kimberly is now a mental health therapist in the Houston area.

Summer 2008:

Ashley Babjack: Ashley is now in the Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education program at University of Colorado at Denver. and is a graduate assistant.

Spring 2008:

From top left: Shelby Snapka, Alex Sweeney, Regina Herpin, Thomas Woodard, Tina King, Misha Atchinson, Heather Lench (not pictured: Jenny Burchett, Erica Hartnitt)

Regina Herpin: Regina is a Master’s student in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and graduate assistant at East Carolina University.

Shelby Snapka: Shelby is completing her final year at Texas A&M and working full-time.

Fall 2007:

From left: Erica Hartnitt, Regina Herpin, Megan Eads, Dr. Heather Lench

Megan Eads: Megan is finishing her senior year at TAMU. She is applying for internships as a Child Life Specialist at hospitals.

Spring 2007:

Cossandra Wiley: Cossandra is finishing her senior year at UCI. She has an enduring interest in eating disorders.

Clarissa Samiley: Clarissa is a licensed social worker in southern California.

Marissa Fortuno: Marissa is now a Business Development Director at the American Heart Association.

Lauren O’Flaherty: Lauren is attending the University of Colorado, Boulder graduate program in forensic psychology.

David Hollingsworth: David is now an Executive Search Partner at Advantage Sales & Marketing in the New York City area.

Kami Lund: Kami is in graduate training for social work at USC.

Winter 2007:

From top left: Kami Lund, Heather Lench, Cossandra Wiley, Clarissa Samiley, David Hollingsworth, Marissa Fortuno, (bottom): Erika Siegel, Lauren O’Flaherty.

Erika Siegel: Erika is currently a Social Psychology PhD student at Northeastern University.

Fall 2006:

From bottom left to right: Clarissa Samiley, Erika Siegel, Heather Lench, (top) Marissa Fortuno, Cossandra Wiley, Jenna Tanaka, David Hollingsworth, Lauren O’Flaherty

Jenna Tanaka: Jenna now works as an HR Business Partner at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development.