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Finding General Information:

Google Search Engine for Academia, access journal articles and books:

Official APA Style:

Encyclopedia of Psychology:

General mental health information and psychology information:

Psychology Web Resources:

The Edge – a scientific resource:

Careers in Psychology:

Information for thinking about careers and programs in psychology:

Societies and Organizations:

Society for Personaltiy and Social Psychology:

APA offers a variety fo services for psycholgists:

Information about social psychology:

Statistical & Methodological Resources:

Statistics Website:

Statistics Calculators:

Various questionnaires:

Applying to Academic Positions:

A wiki that lists current jobs and status – this may change every year:

Applying to Graduate Schools:

Getting Started

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Additional information and resources for graduate school:

Information on Graduate Schools:

Useful Books: Getting In & Getting What You Came For

GRE information:;


Specific Programs

Information on social programs:

MFT programs and support:

MFT association in California:

Social work programs and support: