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Spring 2019

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Fall 2018


Spring 2018

Lab Pic

Pictured from bottom left to right: (bottom row) Zari Haggenmiller, Carlos Aleman, Cameron McCann, Kristen Akin, Sydney Stevens, Brittany Grimshaw, Erin Cloud, Haley Hester, (top row) Yidou Wan, Kenneth Perez, Carolina Jimenez, Stephanie Espinal, Hadiya Mahmood, Dr. Heather Lench.

Fall 2017

F17 Funny Lab Picture

Pictured from bottom left to right: (bottom row) Carlos Aleman, Stephanie Espinal, Erin Cloud, , Cameron McCann, Haley Hester, (second row) Zari Haggenmiller, Mariana Vazquez, Dr. Heather Lench, (third row) Carolina Jimenez, Sydney Alford, Cienna Hancock, Abby Ramos, (top row) Yidou Wan, Kenneth Perez, Sydney Stevens, Hadiya Mahmood.


Spring 2017


Pictured from bottom left to right: (bottom row) Erin Cloud, Amanda Brown, Mariana Vazquez, Dr. Heather Lench, Cameron McCann, (top row) Ashley Bradley, Yidou Wan, Tom Tibbett, Cienna Hancock, Zari Haggenmiller, Abby Ramos.




Ashley Bradley: Ashley is graduating from Texas A&M University in May 2019.  She plans to pursue law school after graduation.

Tom Tibbett: Tom received his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University in 2017.  He is currently working as a Data Scientist for SAP SE, a German multinational software corporation.

Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Lab Members

Pictured bottom left to right in front of the psychology building: (bottom row) Cameron McCann, Amanda Brown, Abby Hotchkiss, Erin Cloud, Reshma George (second row) Ashley Bradley, Katy Hickl, Kitson Fox, Madison Meek, Cienna Hancock, Isabel Santos (top row) Yidou Wan, Zari Haggenmiller, Tom Tibbett, Kailyn Bare, Kenneth Perez, Dr. Heather Lench.

Kailyn Bare: After graduating from Texas A&M in December, started graduate school at DePaul University for a Master’s in General Pscyhology.  Kailyn is working with her advisor on research involving teacher-directed violence in schools and also has an assistantship in the athletic department where she works with the marketing team.

Kathryn Hickl: Kathryn will be graduating from Texas A&M University in Fall 2018.  She plans to pursue a Master’s program.

Abby Hotchkiss: After she graduated in May of 2017, Abby began pursuing her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  She is also working at Twin City Missions in Bryan/College Station as a case manager for their domestic violence department.

Madison Meek: Madison is currently applying for medical school and anticipates entering in the summer of 2018.  She has been thrilled to receive several interviews and will find out where she matches this February.  Additionally, she is working as a medical scribe in the Emergency Department in Bryan, Texas and will be enrolling in an intensive Spanish language course while studying abroad in Spain this Spring.

Isabel Santos: Isabel is pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health at Sam Houston State University, which will lead to licensure as an LPC.


Spring 2016

Reshma George: Reshma was in Dr. Lench’s lab during the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 school year.  She learned so much from this lab and met several awesome people through this lab!  Reshma is currently a first year medical student at Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine.  She hopes to finish her degree in medicine and hopefully become a pediatrician some day!

Fall 2015


Kaitlyn Lyon: After graduating from Texas A&M in Spring of 2016, Kaitlyn went on to pursue her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M.  She will be receiving her Master’s degree this December and then continuing onward in her PhD program.

Spring 2015

Kathleen Darbor: Kathleen went to undergrad at UofM before coming to Texas A&M to start her work on a PhD in Social Psychology. She is interested in research on emotion, judgment and decision making, and self regulation, especially in regard to consumer behavior.

Amanda Dick: Amanda has begun a doctoral program in marketing at Texas A&M.

Melody Moore: Melody is working toward completing a doctoral program in Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California in Irvine and specializing in Affective Science.

Alyssa Sluder: Alyssa was just admitted to a communication program at Dallas Baptist University.

Ashley Hernandez, Kaci Kelley, Kenneth Perez, Ivonne Soto, Jessica Spaw

Fall 2014

Mahalia Adams: Mahalia is working as an Employment Coordinator for the Hilton-Americas Hotel.

Veronica Barnes: Veronica is applying to graduate programs in counseling and therapy.

Jessica Jewell-Elliott: Jessica will be attending St. Mary’s University marriage & family program in the Fall.

Brittni Pena: Brittni is finishing at A&M.

Rachel Yonker: Rachel is finishing at A&M.

Spring 2014


Shane Bench: Shane is now an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University.

Bianca Morales: Bianca will be graduating from Trinity University with a Master’s in School Psychology in May of 2018.  She is currently living in Midland, TX working as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Intern.

Samantha Foree

Fall 2013


Emily Daniels: Emily graduated with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy in August of 2016 from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.  She currently works part-time as a school counselor at St. John Berchmans Catholic School in San Antonio, Texas and part-time as an LMFT-A for the Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement in San Antonio, Texas.

Yolanda Veals: Yolanda is considering pursuing a master’s degree.

Ashley Angonia

Spring 2013

Loren Rose: Loren is a recruiter at Matlen Silver in the DFW area.

Brittany Jones, Ryanne White

Fall 2012

Kallie Clayton, Kelsey Walker

Spring 2012

Natalie Chipinski: Natalie is finishing up at TAMU and applying for graduate programs

Talya Lazerus: Talya recently graduated in May from Carnegie Mellon University with a Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research. She is currently working in Manhattan (NYC) at Publicis Lifebrands Medicus (a healthcare communications and advertising agency) as the Director of Decision Science on the strategy team.

Khang Tran: Khang graduated in May of 2015 with her Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas and is now working in Organizational Development/Training/Benefits/HR at Millar, Inc. (medical device manufacturing company) in Houston, Texas.

Fall 2011

John Odom: John is continuing his education at A&M.

Vladimir Amador: Vladimir is finishing his last semester and applying to graduate programs.

Spring 2011

Marta Saenz: Marta graduated in the Spring and is taking a year off before deciding on her career/graduate plans.

Fall 2010

Sara Decker: Sara is continuing her studies at A&M.

Karmen Hernandez: Karmen graduated in 2012.

Kimberly Lawson: Kimberly earned her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University in 2014. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. Kimberly is now completing her doctoral internship at the University of Houston Counseling and Psychological Services and working to complete her dissertation.

Olga MartinezAfter graduating from Texas A&M in 2011, Olga went straight to her graduate studies at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and received a Master’s in Family Therapy in 2013. As of right now, Olga is currently living in Austin, Texas working as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She provides therapy services to a wide range of clients from adults, children, couples, and families for various therapeutic needs.

Spring 2010

Pictured from left to right: (bottom row) Amisha Atchinson, Karmen Hernandez, Olga Martinez, Kimberly Lawson, Kristen Scharr, Christina Walker, (top row) Marta Saenz, Heather Lench, Sarah Flores, Talya Lazarus, Shane Bench, Jessica Black

Amisha Atchison: Amisha graduated and is currently completing a master’s in education at Texas A&M University. She completed her undergraduate scholars project on optimism and teacher feedback and won 2nd place for her poster presentation on the project! Congrats to Amisha!

Sarah Flores: Sarah is currently a Senior Research Analyst at a community college.  Her department is responsible for Institutional Research and Reporting, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, Analytics, and Assessment.  They support the institution by providing data and information for evidence-based decision making and policy formation and facilitating processes necessary for continuous improvement college-wide.

Kristen Scharr: Kristen graduated and has joined a business, with hopes to enter management.

Jessica Schladt (Black): Jessica graduated, was married, and finished graduate school in counseling in Northern Florida, and is now working as a counselor in the DC area.

Christina Walker: Christina graduated and is pursuing a graduate degree in education.

Spring 2009


Pictured from left to right: Shane, Christy, Tina, Heather Lench, Nicole, Jessica, Kelli, Amisha, & Whitney

Kelli Gerard: Kelli is a Clinical Dietitian, MS, RD, LD, at ARAMARK in Houston, Texas.

Whitney Humphrey: Whitney earned her Master’s of Arts in Counseling from St. Edward’s University. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She has owned her private practice in Austin since 2012.

Tina King: After graduating in 2010, Tina entered the work force as a Recruiter in Dallas. She has been in Human Resources the last 7 years and she is now a Senior Talent Scout for American Airlines corporate. Tina has recently been considering going back to school to pursue Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Fall 2008

Pictured from left to right: Sarah, Kim, Amisha, Heather Lench, Jenny, Tina, Shane, Whitney, & Thomas

Kimberly Borenstein: Kimberly is now a mental health therapist in the Houston area.

Jenny Burchett Martinez: Jenny completed her graduate work in Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2011. She is now a pediatric speech pathologist specializing in selective mutism, stuttering, autism, pragmatic language disorder, executive functioning disorders secondary to TBI, and receptive/expressive language disorders.

Erica Hartnitt: Erica graduated and is now married.

Thomas Woodard: Thomas is finishing his senior year at A&M.

Summer 2008

Ashley Babjack: Ashley is now in the Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education program at University of Colorado at Denver and is a graduate assistant.

Spring 2008


Pictured from left to right: Shelby Snapka, Alex Sweeney, Regina Herpin, Thomas Woodard, Tina King, Misha Atchinson, Heather Lench (not pictured: Jenny Burchett, Erica Hartnitt)

Regina Herpin: After Regina graduated A&M in 2008, she did an internship at the University of Texas in their Psychology Department and went on to do some administrative work.  She then taught preschool for a year.  In 2011, she decided to pursue her graduate degree.  Regina was accepted to East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina where she completed her Master’s of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2013.  Regina was incredibly fortunate to find a great internship after graduation with JetBlue Airways, working as a part of their crewmember insights team in New York City.  She completed her internship with JetBlue after 6 months and found a permanent position with the global consulting firm named Willis Towers Watson in 2014, also in New York City.  Regina has been with WTW since then, and she works in their Employee Insights team, consulting for fortune 500 companies to help them design and interpret employee engagement surveys through the process of psychometrics and statistical analysis.  She is currently a senior analyst and she works with anywhere from 10-15 different companies every year.  Regina also trains new employees and acts as a subject matter expert for their business-related software across the nation.  She loves what she does, she loves where she lives and she would definitely not be where she is today if it were not for Dr. Lench’s amazing support while she was an undergrad at A&M.

Shelby Snapka: Shelby is completing her final year at Texas A&M and working full-time.

Alex Sweeney: Alex went to graduate school at a private university called Bethel in Tennessee.  She has a Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.  Alex specializes in dermatology and works in Texas.  She married her high school sweetheart and life is great.  Alex is very grateful for the research experience from Dr. Lench.

Winter 2007


Pictured from left to right: (top row) Kami Lund, Heather Lench, Cossandra Wiley, Clarissa Samiley, David Hollingsworth, Marissa Fortuno, (bottom row) Erika Siegel, Lauren O’Flaherty.

Erika Siegel: Erika is currently a Social Psychology PhD student at Northeastern University.

Fall 2007

Pictured from left to right: Erica Hartnitt, Regina Herpin, Megan Eads, Dr. Heather Lench

Megan Eads: Megan is finishing her senior year at TAMU. She is applying for internships as a Child Life Specialist at hospitals.


Spring 2007

Marissa Fortuno: Marissa is now a Business Development Director at the American Heart Association.

David Hollingsworth: David is now an Executive Search Partner at Advantage Sales & Marketing in the New York City area.

Kami Lund: Kami is in graduate training for social work at USC.

Lauren O’Flaherty: Lauren is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in behavioral therapies (CBT/DBT/ACT) and psychological/forensic assessment.  She currently works on the Forensic Psychiatry Service at Bellevue Hospital in NYC with individuals who are justice-involved and mentally ill.  She also has a private practice in which she promotes a holistic, mindful approach to mental health treatment, including health, wellness and nutrition.

Clarissa Samiley: Clarissa received her master’s degree in social work from University of Southern California in 2009 with a concentration in Health.  She is now working at Kaiser Permanente.

Cossandra Wiley: Cossandra is finishing her senior year at UCI. She has an enduring interest in eating disorders.

Fall 2006

Pictured from left to right: (bottom row) Clarissa Samiley, Erika Siegel, Heather Lench, (top row) Marissa Fortuno, Cossandra Wiley, Jenna Tanaka, David Hollingsworth, Lauren O’Flaherty

Lauren O’Flaherty: Lauren is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in behavioral therapies (CBT/DBT/ACT) and psychological/forensic assessment.  She currently works on the Forensic Psychiatry Service at Bellevue Hospital in NYC with individuals who are justice-involved and mentally ill.  She also has a private practice in which she promotes a holistic, mindful approach to mental health treatment, including health, wellness and nutrition.

Clarissa Samiley: Clarissa received her master’s degree in social work from University of Southern California in 2009 with a concentration in Health.  She is now working at Kaiser Permanente.

Jenna Tanaka: Jenna now works as an HR Business Partner at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development.