Intro to Stats

Welcome to Elementary Statistics for Psychology!

This course will introduce you to the basic statistics used in psychological research. Psychology has developed scientific methods to explore questions about humanity and this course will introduce you to the statistics used to interpret and evaluate research findings. The goal is to provide you with a foundation to continue your training in psychology and to think critically about psychological findings reported in research articles and the media. Specifically, this class will teach you to: neither fear nor revere statistics, use statistics to share observations, understand statistical inferences, use SPSS to analyze data, and interpret results obtained during analysis. You will also develop the ability to write clearly and concisely about scientific research.


***Office hours are Mondays 3:30-4:30 in Psychology 233, or by appointment

***Powerpoints are provided as an aid to note taking during lecture. They are not intended to replace lecture and may not contain all of the information needed to study for tests or complete assignments.

***You are required to turn in assignments from the lab manual during lab sessions. Be sure to bring the manual with you.

***Your grades on class assignments, tests, and quizzes will be released through the TAMU ecampus system for your lab section. It’s a good idea to check this system regularly for your scores.

Week 1

Tuesday (9/1) Lecture: Introduction

Lab – none

Thursday (9/3) Lecture: Methods for Psychology

Additional Links:

Week 2

Tuesday (9/8) Lecture: Measures of central tendency

Lab ***it is extremely important that you attend this lab session*** Introduction and picking projects (bring this Study Sheet)

Thursday (9/10) Lecture (2 sets of powerpoints): Variability, Graphing Data

Additional Links:

Week 3

Lecture: no class

Lab: Introduction to SPSS

Week 4

Tuesday (9/22) Lecture: Reliability and validity

Lab: Descriptive statistics

Thursday (9/24) Lecture: Review Day (bring calculators)

Week 5

Tuesday (9/29) Lecture: Test #1 (bring calculators, pencils)

Lab: Quiz #1, Reliability & validity

Thursday (10/1) Lecture (two sets of powerpoints): Hypotheses

Week 6

Tuesday (10/6) Lecture: Probability & zs

Lab: Hypotheses, Writing Intensive A, bring 2 copies of Draft #1 (attach the writing rubric)

Thursday (10/8) Lecture: Significance testing

Week 7

Tuesday (10/13) Lecture: Independent samples t-tests

Lab: Independent t-tests, Draft #1 Due (attach the writing rubric)

Thursday (10/15) Lecture: Dependent t-tests

Week 8

Tuesday (10/20) Lecture: Review (bring calculators)

Lab – Dependent t-tests

Thursday (10/22) Lecture: Test 2 (bring calculators, pencils)

Week 9

Tuesday (10/27) Lecture: no class

Lab: Quiz #2, ANOVA; Final #1 due (attach draft + rubric)

Thursday (10/29) Lecture: Analysis of Variance

Week 10

Tuesday (11/3) Lecture: Factorial ANOVA

Lab: Factorial ANOVA, Writing Intensive C, bring 2 copies of Draft #3 (attach the writing rubric)

Thursday (11/5) Lecture: Correlation coefficients

Week 11

Tuesday (11/10) Lecture: Review (bring calculators)

Lab: Correlation coefficients, Final #3 due (attach the writing rubric)

Thursdasy (11/12) Lecture: no class

Week 12

Tuesday (11/17) Lecture: Test 3 (bring calculators)

Lab: Quiz #3, Linear regression, bring presentation materials

Thursday (11/19) Lecture: Linear regression

Week 13

Tuesday (11/24) Lecture: Chi square; Overview of other tests (there are two sets of notes here)

Lab: No class (Thanksgiving)

Thursday Lecture: No class (Thanksgiving)

Week 14

Tuesday (12/1) Lecture: Test 4 (bring calculators, pencils)

Lab: Chi square; Quiz #4, Writing Intensive D, bring 2 copies of Draft #4

Thursday (12/3) Lecture: Presentation Day, Your Grading rubric (print & bring this with you, filled out), My grading rubric (what I use to score posters; you do not need to print this)

Week 15

(12/8): Final #4 due to TA by 5 pm (attach the writing rubric).


Useful class links and information

If you need writing help or consulting, it is available at the University Writing Center

If you would like a class tutor (or would like to volunteer as one) they are often arranged through the psychology advising office, you can find information at their website here!

You can access SPSS at computer centers around campus

Helpful stats page with interactive stats text and exercises.

Your textbook’s cite with practice problems and information.